About Dhenu A2 Milk

Mother Cow, is the most sacred animal and Lord Shri Krishna raised cow’s pedestal to that of a mother thus making her even more sacred. Just as a mother feeds her new-born with milk and is considered most nutritious food for an infant, likewise cow not only feeds her calf with milk but also blesses humans with her milk. Aaryan Gir Gaushala, promoted by Praful Rajput and Varsha Rajput, has come to existence with mission to serve Mother Cow and alongside provide pure and fresh A2 milk from Gomata to human society. Established as a commercial venture we are an enterprise for Pure and Farm Fresh A2 Milk and Bilona Vedic Ghee made from A2 Milk at the same time our key motive is to ensure that our Gauvansh is served with utmost sincerity, fed with high nutritious feed, and also served with similar devotion and service like we humans do for our own mother.

dhenu A2 milk Purity

Our milk, purest and farm fresh, comes from our GIR Govansh at our farms and truly in its natural form untied and free. Milked by human hands without the use of any machines hence no trauma to our cows and milking done with natural stimulation of cow’s udder (थन). Our milk is 100% natural without use of any chemical formulations, antibiotics, oxytocins or hormonal injections, etc. Our cows are fed with green grass/fodder and combination of other nutritional feed intakes like jaggery, sugarcane, sea salt, (सेंथा नमक) with combination cereals like Jowar/Chana/Makka etc. Hump on cow’s shoulder have Suryaketu Naadi (सूर्या केतु नाडी) that absorbs energy from the sun/moon rays that produces gold salt particles in the milk while digesting feed in its GI tract.

  • Rich in A2 Protein (A2 Beta-Casein protein) and possesses essential nutrients like Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA,) multi-vitamins, Omega 3, 6 & 9 Fatty Acids
  • Aids as remedy and recovery of various modern day ailments which are mostly triggered by consumption of A1 Milk (Milk from Jersey/HF/Cross-Breed cows, and packaged homogenised milk from multiple sources).
  • A2 Milk helps to maintain muscular strength, vitality, stamina, and boosts energy levels for an active human body. Extremely good for sports persons in general as it aids in muscle recovery and development.
  • Regulates body’s metabolism and improves immunity to fight with immunity related ailments. Fatty acids from A2 milk reduces LDL and increases HDL (good cholesterol) thus remedy for improving cardio-vascular diseases, Prevents hardening of arteries.
Dhenu Milk
  • Pure Indian BreedPure indian Breed
    (GIR) from GIR region
  • Pure Indian Breed1st right of milk for calf, two udder (थन) for calf, two udder (थन) milk for humans
  • Pure Indian BreedGreen Grass, Jowar,
    Makka & dry fodder fed
  • Pure Indian BreedNo machine milking, milking purely with human touch Cows are free from any kind of trauma
  • Pure Indian BreedNo hormonal injections,
    oxytocin, antibiotics etc
  • Pure Indian BreedCows not tied at any point of time. Lives freely in natural habitat
  • Pure Indian BreedHump of GIR Cow has Surya Ketu Naadi which develops gold salts during digestion of grass
  • Pure Indian BreedDelivered in glass bottles to maintain purity of milk. Avoid plastic bags, save earth.

No processing of any form like homogenization, no additives, no preservatives, no chemicals used any point of time.

desi Bilona Ghee

Bilona Ghee
  • Improves digestion, cures constipation. Ghee secretes enzymes that digest food thus stimulates digestive system. Acts as detox for the body and helps in rejuvenation.
  • Drinking 1 cup of warm A2 Milk with ½ spoon ghee before bed will improve digestion, cure bowel movement, and a remedy for most stomach related ailments.
  • Strengthens immune system and vitality. Adds muscular strength and reduces joint pain.
  • Cures sinusitis, neurological disorders, regenerates nerves, brain stroke, sinus and migraine headaches, nerves related complaints and disorders.
  • Normalises Vatta, Pitta, and Kaff which are key essential reasons for most of the human body ailments.
  • Cures cancer by stopping the growth of cancer cells and reduce the effect of radiation.
  • Cures insomnia.
  • Cures Thyroid dysfunction.
  • Reduces bad cholesterol, increases good cholesterol, improves metabolism and thereby helps in fighting fat belly, heart related cardio-vascular diseases and diabetes etc.
  • Imposes stamina, vitality, eyes, bones and skins etc.
  • Helps pregnant women delivery smoothly and also nourish womb’s brain development.
  • Improves sperm count and strengthens sexual power.
  • An excellent medium for massage to nourish the human body on a whole.
  • Essential dietary ingredients for people of all ages to improve general body immunity and strength.

dhenu A2 Milk Benefits

  • decrease bad
  • helpful for ulcer,
    constipation, eyes & skin
  • helpful for
    weight loss (belly fat)
  • anti
  • prevent
    heart diseases
  • enhance
    immunity power
  • healthy growth
    in childrens
  • beneficial in piles,
    fisher & fistula problems

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Our Client Experience

Chilling Plant

A Dhenu A2 Milk is very healthy and nutritious. This is raw and unpasteurized thus retains all necessary nutrients which are depleted from processed as pasteurized milk. I’m using Dhenu A2 milk for the last year and I found it of very good quality hence I’d like to recommend it to everyone.

Panna Lathigara (Dietitian and Yoga Teacher), Ghatloadia, Ahmedabad

We’ve been Dhenu A2 milk customers since 2 years! The quality I receive is fabulous and the milk is very affordable. Keep doing with what you’re doing!.

Hardik Patel (Satva Organic), Ghatloadia, Ahmedabad

we have started using dhenu milk and i would say we are very much satisfied with the quality and consistency of milk provided.To start the day with dhenu milk gives strength and energy throughout the day and keeps u fit.

Nitin Chavn (Satvam Organic & Ayurdvedic), Behind Nirma University, Ahmedabad

Gir cow milk is very nice and delicious. We bought it for our kids and they loved it. We are using it for a year now and they have maintained the quality.

Sachin Parikh (Healthcare/pharmaceutical), Ghatloadia, Ahmedabad

Dhenu A2 milk is free from harmones. How do I know this? I’ve visited their farms and seen their unit. We’ve been Dhenu A2 milk customers since 1 year!

Mr. Pradip Shah (Nisarg Enterprise, Nisarg Tulsi ), Naranpura, Ahmedabad

Both Ghee and Milk are of too notch quality.Delivery service is also very nice. You can clearly see the difference between Dhenu A2 milk and other dairy milk. I am very happy with their products and services.

Mr. Nimesh Patel (Business, IT), Science City, Ahmedabad

Delivery Locations

  • Sola
  • Scient City
  • Ghatlodia
  • Bodakdev
  • Naranpura
  • Thaltej
  • New Ranip
  • Shilaj
  • Bopal
  • Pralhad Nagar
  • Tragad
  • Chandkheda
  • Godrej Garden City
  • Adani Shantigram

Delivery process

Milking 3:30 AM (morning)
4:00 PM (evening)

Pick Up 5:30 AM (morning)
5:30 PM (evening)

Quality Check 5:45 AM (morning)
5:45 PM (evening)

Bottling 6:00 AM (morning)
6:00 PM (evening)

Delivery 6:30 AM (morning)
6:30 PM (evening)